Our offer includes

our services:

  • Technological and quality research of water.
  • Projects and construction of water treatment installations for communal use (municipal and rural districts installations).
    Improvement of ineffective installations, especially those with supernormative content of iron and manganese.
  • Elaboration of water treatment installations used for:
    • drinking water purposes,
    • special purposes,
    • for special purposes:
      • medical purposes,
      • electronic industry etc.
  • Elaboration of technologies necessary for the removel of highly dangerous pollution such as:
    • pesticide,
    • organic pollution,
    • manganese etc.
  • Elaboration of water-legal environemental impact statements.
  • Solving problems connected with water-waste economy in both industrial and water-supply plants, together with all the accompanying legal regulations.

Research and Development of Environemental Protection Company ECOPOL Limited Liability Company was founded and registered in the Commercial Register of the Local Court in Szczecin on 29th May 1989.

Our basic scope of functioning used to concentrate on:

  • elaboration of technology,
  • designing and construction of water treatment installations,
  • modernization of ineffective water treatment installations,
  • development of new and modern technologies connected with water treatment,
  • solution of various problems connected with water-waste economy in industrial plants and waterworks, together with legal regulations.

Apart from the above mentioned, we began the production of Active Mass G-1 that is used in order to remove iron and manganese from so called "difficult" waters. On 12th December 1989 our company was registered in the National Register of Innovative-Developing Enterprises.

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