obraz masy aktywnej L-1



Regulation of pH, removal of carbon dioxide, remineralization of soft water, aid in the process of removing Fe and Mn, reduction of acid and filtration of industrial waters.


White-grey granulate with highly developed proper surface. Natural, pollution free aggregate

  • Density - 2,7 t/m3
  • Bank poise - 1,5 t/m3
  • Granulation:
    • Type 1 - 2-5mm;
    • Type 2 - 4-8mm.

Condition of application:

  • Filling:
    Designed individually, according to the analysis of raw water.
  • Speed of filtration:
    • gravitation filter app. 10 m/h
    • pressure filter app. 30 m/h
  • Rinsing:
    Short rinsing with high speed preferred to long rinsing with low speed:
    • I - phase
      of water-air rinsing app. 2 - 3 min., air app. 60 m/h, water app. 30 m/h
    • II - phase
      of water rinsing app. 10 min. With the speed of 60 m/h

Recommendation, package:

Hygienic certificate PZH in Warsaw No HK/W/0300/01/2005 of 2005.
Our plants work effectively in hundreds of urban, rural and industrial water drills. Water analysis from the above mentioned plants, in which active mass L-1was used together with the active mass G-1, confirm the possibility of rising the reaction of water, more effective removal of iron, manganese and ammonia.

Package: bags of 25 or 50 kg

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